Recipes from the Heart, great for the Tummy!

Strawberry Dessert

(submitted by:  Pam A.)


1 - small box Strawberry Jello

1 Sara Lee pound cake (family size)

1 basket (or frozen) strawberries, sliced or chopped

12 oz. Cool Whip, thawed


For a 9x13 pan:

Dissolve jello in 3/4 cup boiling water.

Cool jello completely.  Add 1-2 ice cubes, stir to melt. (You can refrigerate jello until cooled)

Slice pound cake into half pieces.

Line 9x13 pan with the pound cake.


In a large mixing bowl:

Add cool whip and 1 cup of cooled jello.  Fold gently until all blended.  Add sliced or chopped strawberries, stir gently.  Cover sliced cake and refrigerate.

*Note:  1 cup of jello to 12oz. of Cool Whip is enough to make the mixture just right.  Too much jello will make the dessert runny.  Also, add cooled or cold jello.  If it's too hot, it will melt the Cool Whip.