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August 31, 2010...  Congratulations Tutu... You're Retired!


Congratulations Tutu... you finally made retirement!  No more having to get up early to fight that Puna traffic, no more having to stop and scan your ID to get to your favorite parking spot... and most of all... no more having to scold the girls for not refilling the copy machine!!!

Now you can wake up later, and join the McDonald's crowd... sipping coffee, eating breakfast, and watching everyone else hurrying to work.  But just because you're retired doesn't mean we're not gonna see you again... you can always "Volunteer!!!"  (Nah, jus' kidding!)

May you have many memorable moments while you're cruising and spending more time with your family.  Cherish every single day, always remember those who love you, and those whom you have inspired with your presence and wisdom!

Thank you for being a part of our lives... you'll always be in our Hearts and our Minds!